What are gutters for? Do I need gutters? – The Purpose of Gutters in a Nutshell

When I first moved to upstate New York I noticed that not all of the new homes being built had gutters on them. This may have been the first time in my life I even thought about gutters! In other areas of the country gutters are installed on every new home (perhaps like we expect a home to come with a furnace). For whatever reason, it is not the case here in Albany/Saratoga/Clifton Park. So this begs the question – Do I need to invest in gutters? What do they really do for me? Below is the quick, short, and sweet answer to this question.

Gutters will prevent serious costly problems that could occur to your property and home, namely the following:

  • Foundation problems:
  • Water that is not drained away from the house can weaken/crack your foundation
  • Ultimately causes water damage/flooding
  • Landscaping erosion
  • Mold and water/moisture damage inside the home
  • Exteriors with mold on siding

Without gutters installed, it is possible that water is not led away from your house and subsequently the water seeps underground and leaks into the foundation walls. This often leads to undermining of the actual foundation walls and floors – and also eventually could flood your basement. Water can create foundation cracks or make small (otherwise non-issue cracks) into huge problems.

In review –

  • Gutters are a vital part of a dry basement
  • Standing water must be drained away from your house
  • The wetter the climate the more we need a properly functioning gutter system

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014 04:21