How hard could it be to install gutters? Here is what it takes to be a Gutter Installer for Ballston Lake Gutters LLC

Some of us may not think twice about the difficulty of another person’s job. Growing up, I never gave a much thought to any construction worker’s skill set, but now I think differently. The skills needed to be a gutter installer are listed below – Would you be able to perform this position?

What it takes to be a good gutter installer for Ballston Lake Gutters LLC

  • Take pride in workmanship & good work ethic
  • Excellent people skills, courteous despite any conflicts
  • Taking initiative, get things done right the first time (even if you see something needs to be completed that home owner will not notice)
  • Appropriate sales skills (knowledgeable, able to answer questions, fair, honest, informative, ability to assess customer’s needs)
  • Dependable, punctual
  • Good listener – diagnose problems
  • Flexibility – adjust to home owner’s time schedule or weather
  • Math skills – accurate estimates, ordering inventory, checking inventory
  • Accountability, hold others accountable
  • Assertive when needed (towards vendors)
  • Mechanical skills (issues that occur with vehicles or trailer)
  • Ability to drive & handle a trailer (know how to back up w/ trailer or be willing to learn)
  • Skills to operate gutter machine, understand its workings, take care and properly maintain the gutter machine
  • Skills with many power tools including power screw drivers, snips, and saws
  • Ability to think on your feet and come up with creative solutions
  • Power Generator operation and maintenance (foresight to ensure fuel is on hand)
  • Physical strength to carry very large ladders and gutter coils
  • Endurance to work long hours and to tolerate working in ALL weather conditions
  • Comfortable and confident with heights (Ability to quickly go up & down a ladder 3 flights high, and walk on roofs when needed)

At the beginning of this article I asked, would you be able to perform this position? I bet some may have thought “of course”, but after reading this list hopefully you see what a hard job it is. As a non-installer myself, I have great respect for our installers and could never do this job. Extreme temperatures, heights, backing up a trailer — I could never do it!

Wednesday, 04 June 2014 04:35