Buying or building a new Townhome – Installation of Gutters

If you were building/buying a brand new townhome, would it ever cross your mind how the division of duties for Gutter maintenance would be handled? Who would pay for what percentage of the installation cost? What if my neighbor picks out an awful color and won’t compromise? Or worse yet, what if year after year, they refuse to clean their gutters – This could cause damage to your home!

It is important to clearly draw out the lines of ownership in all neighbor situations, not just townhomes. There could be disputes over fences built over property lines, and much, much more. With regards to gutters, we recommend you have a friendly discussion with your neighbors to ensure your on the same page to start. (Don’t assume the worst, maybe they are ordinary people who have the same concerns you do!). Especially when moving to a brand new townhome, which will require new gutter installation it is important to discuss the following items:

  1. The exact ownership / measurements / lines must be drawn:
    • Hopefully the Builder can help to make this clear if there are any questions
    • This will be important when deciding costs/payment for installation
    • This will also be important in defining who is responsible for keeping which portions of the gutters cleaned (whether you perform the work yourself or hire someone to do it)
  2. You also may want to talk about when they would like to schedule an installation (not everyones budget is the same, some people may need to wait a few weeks, while you are anxious to get it handled.) We would recommend not squibbling over this small detail. If in the end they pay for their portion of the installation, they agree on colors, and continue to maintain their gutters- then waiting a few weeks is the last of your worries. Remember, being flexible about the small things can go a long way and you may be living very closely to these individuals for a long time.

Last bit of advice: no matter what, don’t let your gutter disagreements ruin your relationship with your closest neighbor. When it comes to picking colors, and budgeting your gutter installer should be able to show you available colors, and give you an idea of a price range for each. (If you pick something extravagant, you may want to discuss with your neighbor before or after your consultation with the installer/estimator.) Good Luck!

Sunday, 06 July 2014 04:27